10 mental disorders that will leave you thinking

Mental disorders have their origin in the neurological and psychological disorders that cause behaviors not suitable for society in people who suffer from it, normally most of the disorders are related to an area of ​​the brain or the nervous system, but the cause can be different from the ones that arises. These mental illnesses affect a large population in the world, account for one third of the population.

1. Stockholm syndrome: This is a frequent disease in victims of a kidnapping. One of the symptoms is that they feel a positive feeling of their aggressor. This disorder also applies in cases such as rape, abuse and child abuse.

2. Antisocial Personality Disorder: This disorder is characterized by the tendency to avoid any kind of relationship with society. Your symptoms may include; lies, violence, theft, aggressiveness, tendency to loneliness. These people tend to be depressed and possess social anxiety.

3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Or also called OCD, is an anxious and obsessive disorder that is characterized by the constant thoughts of restlessness, worry, fear and compulsive behavior, among others. There are several symptoms that correspond to the area of ​​compulsion, in which it is important to wash or clean excessively or to possess nervous rituals.

4. Lima syndrome: this syndrome is just the opposite of the Stockholm syndrome. The case of them is that the kidnappers show a certain sympathy towards their hostage.

5. Selective Mutism: This is a disorder that causes the person suffering from this disorder to be unable to talk to certain people. It is usually associated with shyness and social anxiety. Very common in children when their schooling begins, but most cases the symptoms disappear little by little.

6. Dyslexia: This is a disorder that causes the person can not read correctly because a discrepancy in their learning and performance level, this often cause misalignments that can cause other psychopathologies.

7. Schizophrenia: This is a mental disorder caused by an abnormality in cognitive processes. The person suffering from this disorder suffers from alterations in perception, ie suffers from hallucinations that clearly have nothing to do with reality. Usually the symptoms are hearing voices in your head, disorganized thinking, affective disorders, inappropriate behavior and delusions.

8. Dissociative identity disorder: This is also called as a disorder of multiple personalities, it is an identity disorder in which the person who suffers develops more than one personality and shows different behaviors in different situations.