9 best consoles that you should definitely try

Atari box: The Atari Box is a video game console that has the capacity of an AMD processor, a Linux operating system and a Radeon graphics. This may run new but also other types of retro games, It has a very old aesthetic but comes with better ones in which it incorporates USB ports, microSD storage and Ethernet connection.

Nintendo Labo: this video console belongs to a series of peripherals that can interact with the Nintendo Switch without any type of electronic connection. The idea of ​​this is to be able to get new exclusive titles with this Nintendo.

Nintendo New 2DS XL: this is a portable Nintendo console that only fits the media of the 3DS XL model. This has a catalog of compatible games, one of the most extensive.

PlayStation 5: It is a console that will be the successor of the PS4. This will have an incredible improvement in power and quality and above all has a storage capacity with a hard disk of 2 Tbytes.

Microsoft Xbox One X: You know that the Xbox is one of the most sold consoles in the world and this console is not a small improvement of its predecessors, it is much more. It has an 8 core processor, 12 gb of memory and a custom GPU with 40 process units.

PlayStation 4 Pro: It is one of the consoles that are most successful in the market since it was released in 2013. This brings improvements in some video games and optimal resolution, reproduces images with greater contrasts, brightness, videos.

Nitendo Switch: This is one of the consoles that has a higher sales rate than the other consoles. It has 4 GB of RAM between the CPU and the GPU and 32 GB of storage.

Portable Playstation 3000: or also abbreviated PSP is a portable video game console that is characterized by its simple and small design similar to the command of a video game console stationer. This version brings microphones, the screen offers a little more contrast and the battery will last the same as the PSP Slim and Lite. It also has an improved screen which offers better visibility by exposing the system to natural light and can make the most of Skype’s communication features.

Classic Playstation: It is a video game console that has a list of video games available, you can calculate about 100. The truth is that it has the same aesthetic as the first PlayStation but a small version, recalling the beginnings of the PlayStation.